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Space Force should embrace the natural inclusivity of space nerds

The first black-and-white kiss on American television was between Lt. Uhura and Captain Kirk, a controversial decision for 1968 that reflected Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s broader philosophical commitment to addressing race in his science fiction. This bold approach to diversity and inclusion is a fundamental part of the self-selected group of space nerds that […]

Space force

Space Force sounds like a joke – and it could be a problem for a major military branch

Problems and potential Despite the attention all of this brings to the Space Force, if people are so deeply influenced by fiction that they find the USSF funny or absurd, it could lead to a disconnect between public expectations and what the USSF actually does. Space Force, and ultimately, reduce public support. While missions such […]


New Documentary Reveals How Starfleet Changed NASA Forever

Science fiction fans often consider 1977 to be the year of Star Wars. But, more importantly, 1977 was when space exploration made strides toward Star Trek’s vision of a diverse future. During a period of about four months in early 1977, Nichelle Nichols worked to recruit astronauts for NASA’s new space shuttle program. Her goal […]

Space force

Space Force sounds like a joke thanks to pop culture – it could be a problem for a major military branch

The US Space Force has a serious role to play in the modern world. Its stated mission is to train and equip personnel to defend American interests in space. Given the growing military and economic importance of space, the USSF is likely to grow in importance. But a quick internet search shows that for most […]

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Jen Psaki’s Space Force Commentary and Ensuing Controversy Explained

White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s dismissive comments about Space Force earlier this week underscored just how hungry conservatives are for outrageous fuel. But it also illustrated a challenge the Biden administration faces as it tries to heed the legacy of former President Donald Trump. PSAki was asked by Bloomberg White House reporter Josh Wingrove […]

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White House signals intention to retain Space Force after GOP backlash

Topline White House press secretary Jen Psaki indicated on Tuesday that President Joe Biden plans to keep Space Force after taking heat for laughing at a question about it during a briefing earlier in the day. day — indicating that, despite Space Force’s status as a Trump-era punchline, the Biden administration is sensitive to its […]