Space force

Engage! Space Force deploys its new ranks

The details: On the enlisted side, the ranks closely follow the structure of the Air Force. The exception is the first four ranks, which will be called Specialist 1, Specialist 2, Specialist 3, and Specialist 4. The others are the same: sergeant, technical sergeant, master sergeant, etc. On the officer side, the ranks are identical […]

Space force

Space Force chooses ranks similar to those of the Air Force

The Space Force has opted for a rank structure that largely mirrors that of the Air Force, despite some high-profile defenders of Navy ranks, including “Star Trek” actor William Shatner. The ranking structure was detailed in an approved memo on Friday that quickly began circulating on social media. A Space Force spokesperson confirmed the authenticity […]

Space force

The US Space Force remains primarily within the ranks of the Air Force

The only change Space Force has made is to four categories of Air Force enlisted ranks called “airmen.” Equivalent ranks in the Space Force will be “Specialists”. WASHINGTON – It’s now official: there will be no admirals in the US Space Force. The Space Force unveiled its new rank structure for officers and enlisted personnel […]


Starfleet kids

One of the questions I dread the most is “Where are you from?” It’s a question that Wesley Crusher, Jake Sisko, Molly O’Brien and Naomi Wildman can’t answer in a straightforward way either. They’re all brats like me — a term military kids adopt to describe their unusual upbringing. It may sound like an insult […]