Elon Musk US needs a Starfleet Academy

Elon Musk: US needs Star Trek’s Starfleet to compete with China Department of Defense phot by Senior Airman Christian Conrad ORLANDO, Florida— While the United States only set up its new Space Force in December, what the public really wants is its own Starfleet, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk said on February 28. Returning to the […]

Space force

Space Force General David Thompson is a Star Trek fan and says don’t join if you want to go to space

The second-in-command of the newly created Space Force has admitted he’s a Star Trek fan, but says he didn’t play the role to fulfill a dream of going to space and no one else. no one else should. General David Thompson – who helps Commander and Chief of Space Operations General Raymond train and properly […]

Space force

The Pentagon is recruiting names for members of the Space Force

The US Space Force, signed into law as a new military service last December, has a lot to sort out, including uniforms, an official rank structure…and how to call its members. The Pentagon is soliciting ideas from individuals already assigned to the fledgling service with a very simple question: What would you like to be […]