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10 Times We Saw Steve Carell’s Michael Scott in Mark Naird

Although it has not yet been confirmed, according to the end of season 2 of space force, it seems likely that the show will be renewed for a third season. An asteroid is heading straight for earth and what is everyone doing? To sing. The show succeeds in that it takes serious subject matter and turns it into a farce, something people can admire but also laugh at.

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It’s no secret that Steve Carell’s character, Mark Naird, is a huge selling point for the show. Fans get Carell’s signature humor with a smart military general. Her character reminds viewers that (much like on Office) while Naird takes his job seriously, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for laughter and disruption in the workday.


When it bursts into song

A shared image of Michael Scott and Michael Naird talking behind their desks

At the start of Season 1, when Mark Naird is stressed about making a difficult decision about whether or not to launch, he locks himself in his office and bursts into his own rendition of “Kokomo”. Her happy place fans assume?

Michael Scott is best known for his flair, for wanting to be the center of attention, and that often means being the loudest in the room. Watching the “Kokomo” scene, fans can’t help but think of Michael Scott singing harmony for Creed’s birthday, or doing his own version of “Goodbye Stranger” for Toby’s going away party, or when he and Dwight create a welcome to corporate rap on Electric City.

When China removes the American satellite

A split image of Michael Naird looking serious and Michael Scott smiling

In season 1 of space force, after the United States successfully sends its Epsilon satellite into space, China works overtime to sabotage it, tearing off parts of the satellite. The episode ends with a disgruntled Mark Naird watching this happen through a telescope and shouting, “mother f***er!”

The level of anger Mark Naird is feeling right now almost reminds fans of when, in Office, Toby returns from Costa Rica (minus the curse). Let’s not overlook the times when Michael Scott was also known for beeping, because when Michael gets angry Office, He gets angry. The audience always knows because they only raise their voices in moments of pure rage.

When he tries to date someone

A split image of Michael Naird speaking to Kelly and Michael Scott speaking to the camera

In Season 1, after discussing an open relationship with his wife Maggie, Mark awkwardly asks an engineer named Kelly out on a date. She accepts and he explains that he is both married and available, that he still loves his wife but maybe they shouldn’t talk about his wife. He walks away but continues to add something both painfully awkward and inappropriate. It’s like a car accident in that the audience can’t look away, but they also want to yell at him to stop while he’s in front.

It’s like looking in a mirror at Michael Scott’s many interactions with potential love interests: bar manager Donna, concierge Marie, handbag saleswoman Katy, his boss Jan, in many ways. Like Michael, Mark means well, but they both seem to suffer from a case of “foot in mouth.”

Her nurturing side

An image of Mark Naird speaking behind his desk and Michael kissing Erin's head

In “Save Epsilon 6!” Mark Naird returns home after an extremely stressful day with his sleepy teenage daughter, Erin, hunched over her trigonometry homework at the dining room table. He’s tired, but he still has time to explain the math to his daughter. It’s a sweet and resonant moment for her character and it’s not far from her relationship with Erin Hannon in Office.

When Michael Scott first meets Erin, he can’t stand her. But the relationship came a long way at the end of her time on the show when he told her she didn’t need mom because she had his number. He may not always make the best decisions at work, but Mark and Michael step up when it comes to becoming a father or at least serving as a parent figure.

stuff galore

A split image of Mark Naird smiling and Michael Scott holding a mug in The Office

In season 2, the scientists decide to start a prank war with the superiors. Mark Naird is angry but eventually gives in and decides to join the party. He lures the scientists to a floor of the building they’ve never been to and pretends to operate on an alien.

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It reminds fans of the times (almost every episode) where Michael wants a break from the work day and decides to prank or stick his face in wet concrete. Work can wait to have a little fun.

Her receptionist isn’t the brightest

A shared image of Brad speaking in Speed ​​Force and Erin smiling in The Office

Brad is one of space force‘s most hilarious characters in that he always seems to be “out for lunch”. Fans are wondering how he got this far. Sometimes the way Mark Naird talks to his secretary Brad — in utter disbelief that Brad even qualified to be there — reminds audiences of Michael’s relationship with his secretary Erin in Office.

Brad and Erin may not be the sharpest, but they’re both dedicated number twos and always ready to step in where they can for their boss.

A chimpanzee and a dog

A split image of an angry chimp and Michael using the tubes in The Office

In the second episode of space force, Mark Naird decides that the fate of the Epsilon satellite is best determined in the hands of animals that can only respond to sign language. Scientist Yamato’s idea is also quickly scrapped. If there’s anyone else on the planet who would put some fate in the hands of a chimpanzee and a dog, it’s Michael Scott.

Fans know that when Michael has an idea, no matter how impractical, he can’t be deterred. The same can be said for Mark Naird. He eventually develops an emotional attachment to animals (which makes fans think that Michael Scott is known for his naivety and gentle center). It’s hard not to think of him in this hilarious space force stage.

Her divorce announcement

A split image of Mark Naird crying and Michael Scott crying

When Mark Naird receives his divorce papers from Maggie, he starts blubbering in his office and accidentally gets on top of the space force seat speaker. Everyone can hear him sobbing incoherently.

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While it’s by complete accident in space force, it’s a total nod to Michael Scott who tends to share too much personal information. Whether it’s getting everyone in Office Involved time and time again in his love life or getting women to help him break up with Jan, Michael Scott has been known to always divulge too many details.

He can hold on when he needs to

An image of Michael Scott and Pam sitting together and Mark Naird holding a conference

In season 2, General Naird confronts General Gao when he and his family are invited to space force discuss delegations. Everyone fears that he will submit to Gao’s demands, but instead the two discuss family and children and come to an agreement peacefully. In another episode, Naird reasons with the budget committee to explain the purpose of a very expensive orange.

Fans also see it in Michael Scott. He is able to return to his jobs, Pam’s and Ryan’s with full benefits after Dunder Mifflin absorbs The Michael Scott Paper Company. The offices best CEO, David Wallace, often sees past his clumsy brilliance and recognizes the salesman who loves his job and the company he worked for so long. When Mark and Michael appeal to human senses and emotion, they succeed. This is when they are at their best.

His employees secretly respect and admire him

A shared image of the actors from Speed ​​Force and The Office posing together

In the Season 2 opener, Mark Naird must answer for his decisions from the previous season in a congressional hearing with Grabaston and the Secretary of Defense. It goes terribly, with each person cracking under the pressure and confessing too much information that could get them in trouble. However, the episode ends leaving Naird to continue running. space force and the audience gets a scene that shows each of its employees having lofty and powerful things to say about them. The message is clear: beneath the frustrations and arguments, there is love and respect for their boss.

This is also seen in Michael Scott. He often goes overboard, upsetting his employees, but deep down there is a certain admiration. In one of The offices saddest episodes, “Goodbye, Michael”, Jim even confirms this by telling Michael to his face that he is the best boss he has ever had.

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